Edu Net UK Thumbnail

Edu Net UK is a new company facilitating UK study experiences for foreign students.

A simple showcase for the company to provide information to students interested in studying in the UK. The site is designed to allow growth as new services and information come online. The site is also linked to a backend database to collect information about prospective students.

Jakaranda Artists Thumbnail

The Jakaranda Artists are a group of six women that meet every tuesday to develop their proffesional careers.

Each artist has their own page with a description and a gallery.

Nick Fisher Photography thumbnail

Nick Fisher is an amateur photographer in the Bath region.

The site is a showcase for his stunning work, with the homepage bringing up a slideshow of his chosen work. Maintinace can be performed by Nick himself, allowing him to upload new pictures at his own pace.

ABA Design thumbnail

ABA Design are based in Somerset and offer architectural design services nationwide.

The site required the presentation of lots of information, for the firms different types of clients, in a intuitive manner. Showcasing the firms previous work throughout the site was implemented in rolling flash.

Livonia Import thumbnail

Livonia Import S.L., based in Barcelona Spain, is an importer of antique furniture from Asia.

The site required a bilingual Shopping Cart allowing self maintenance of the homepage and products. The site also has the ability to send out newsletters to customers.